ongoing work..

Some ongoing work that I am currently doing, Ideas for dress development. think that I will take the two on the right hand side forward.

Crazy Dinosaur Trousers!

Fun fun fun.. If not a little crazy but I love it! For my project at the moment and just because I can. The top is Gretels own but the trousers are defiantly made by me. I'm so happy with them I think I like the back better than the front I think is just the way they drape better. 

Some of my work...

Ok so I decided to take some better photographs of my work so you can see what I get up to. The first two are a recent project based on a much sportier theme for me, modeled by the lovely Katy. The quilted skirt is from 2nd year, modeled by my other lovely housemate Peg. The hareem style trousers and top are also both from a recent project. The cape is from a 2nd year project, I wear this a lot, the fur (fake obviously) is so warm and cosy. This also has a white dress with it that I made a few weeks ago although it is a bit hard to see against the white background. Then last is my all in one jumpsuit, I think this is my favorite up to this point I wish I could fit into it, hopefully I will make myself one, when I get a spare moment in time! 

A very big thank you to my two beautiful models Lottie Gretel Peg Maglaughlin and Katy Herridge. And also Pete who let me use her lovely bedroom to do my makeshift photo-shoot. Love you guys.