Happy Halloween

I choose treat...
Vogue editorial

ASOS Sweatshirt 'Booo!" print - Love thisss 

Dazed and Confused editorial 

Topshop Crosses Tiara £12.50 - perfect for that halloween outfit 

Art I have stumbled across this evening in my browsing...

I shit diamonds by Antony Micallef and Lazardies

Yellowman by warren Holder



Awesome vidio Rihanna, director did a good job.

Back to School

Just for a change of scene my sister invited me to a lecture by Professor Charles Nelson at Oxford University entitled, "The effects of early phsycosocial development on brain and behavioural development: The Bucharest Early Intervention Project" I love anything that challenges the way I think or pushes me to learn about something, It was very interesting indeed, eye opening and something that will stick with me for a while. 

Hello New Hair...

So I did my hair :) I love it, also went to the charity shop and picked me up some old shirts and jeans to customise and keep me busy...

Dip Dip Dyee...

OK the time is finally upon us for me to get my hair dip dyed, I have the bleach and the lovely friend of mine Zoe to give me a hand, fingers crossed my next post will be the evidence of my bleaching needs.

Quick I need to wear something for my date

Autumn Sunshine

This awesome image popped up on my facebook this morning from Dazed and Confused, the light is magical today, blue crystal sky and golden sunshine makes for a stunning morning. Hope the day continues to be so beautiful. 

Can't stop listening to this

Creative Days

I have been working on ideas for jewelary, simple natural stones wrapped in wire and made into pendants. I used to collect the stones when I was little lovveed going to museums and arty places with mt sister we would always nag mum to buy us something shiney, there is a huge collection back at my mum's house. That or the days we spent scouring beaches and other exciting places for treasures to take home. To be honest I used to bring home allsorts a peble that llooked like a heart, shells, driftwood the lot no wonder our house was always so full of random things.
But now I am doing something with them, first steps making the pendants now just to get myself some chain to create the necklaces <3

Sunny Sunny Happy Happy

What an amazing day, the sun always make me shine no matter what especially in London it makes everything prettyer brighter and just more lovely. Perfect day for the outing of my new lace maxi dress by Goldie London, I'm in love with it swishing along the streets in it makes me feel so summery.


A lot of the time I would like to escape this crazy little world I live in and go somewhere completly different, I have been day dreaming about Bali recently, the idea of running of on my own and spending a few months tucked away in the amazing place won't leavee my mindd. I want to sit and meditate for hours, I want to swim in the sea, I want to search for my perfect balance and harmony.

Yes I did watch eat pray love recently <3

make do and cut up...

As you do, I stayed at my friend's the other day, it was late and I forgot my bike lights, anyway more to the point then next day was sunny and I needed something to wear. She have me an old white boring t-shirt of which I katiefied it! i know its a made up word but you get the point. Cut the sleeves off and make the hem into fringing! can't go wrong, especitally if you team it with your always needed silver corss and studded headband (both from Goldie London)

Necklace Creation...

While I was working at Goldie I got let loose on the jewelary making and this is my favourate of my creations, a long clear crystal wrapped in wire with feathers at the bottom of the pendant and tiny gold skull likning the two to add a bit of katie to it. Its hung on a long chain and is perfect for all these lovely summer days coming up.


“Be brave enough to go with one idea” 

Gorgeous Gems

These would look perfect wrapped in some thin metal wire and hanging on a pendant for this summer, now all I need to do is go and collect some and get creative. I know I have some back home in oxford, I used to collect them as a child, well actually i'm still attracted to shiny things now, and always will be. Look great with a bit of white crochet or simple hippie chic dress.

Lindsay Lohan

I still think she is amazing, I have this shoot from Pop Magazine on my wall at the moment I can't help but wish I had her look in this photo, and her bad girl attitude.



Great video, loving the dark side of it, makes me want to get creative and make something crazy! I think its time to do something a bit out there, I have that itch...

YouTube - Massive Attack - Teardrop

YouTube - Massive Attack - Teardrop

Hello lovely song to make my Monday much better <3

a little bit of colour on it

Its for Goldie London, i'm still not really happy with it but it will do for now i guess I can always add a bit more another day x

adding to shopping list....

Topshop.com - grey and pink marbled leggings £20

kelly Smith - Birdy & Me

This girls work is truly amazing, I love her style so effortlessly elegant I cant keep away from her blog, you must check it out... http://kjsdesign.blogspot.com/

All image's are Kelly Smith's

Because I love my sis

It might sound lame but I really don't care me and my sis got matching love heart tattoo's a while back now, basically we went through a phase of drawing it on each other when we say each other, then when we got tattoos done it seemed like a great idea to get it there permanently, now every time I look at it I think of her, it always makes me smile even when i'm feeling really down.

Gareth Pugh

Oooo Gareth Pugh introduced a bright blue into his usually monotone collections! gorge colour. I will always be a fan of this designer, it's a tad gothick blacks and tight body's crosses pop up every now and then and maxi's that glide when the models walk. Triangular lines break up the fabrics a splash of gold too. I fancy making some gold jewellery, note no self get hold of some chain to start getting creative.