A weekend in Paris!

I think I am the luckiest girl on the planet!
I got whisked off to Paris for the weekend, it's every girls dream, still a little shocked that it happened. Rather than upload 20 photographs I am just leaving it to the one, the one I like the most...

White Winter Wardrobe

Those wintery night and mist mornings are setting in, a few of my white winter favourites to get me through the winter months.
Fluffy Jumper. Topshop. £42
Patent Skirt. Topshop boutique. £100
Wool Coat. Missoni. £5,120
Stones and Flower Necklace. Zara. £29.99
Geoxy Wedges. Dune. £79

Handmade Products by Alison McNneil

There are two of me! Well almost, my sister is a few years younger but just as creative, Ali's niche is making products. Fed up of products affecting her skin and reading some of the crazy things that companies put in them these days she now makes her own. Everything from body scrub to shampoo she has made it, I am a convert, love everything she makes, and what’s better, it doesn't leave you with a massive hole in your pocket!

We have making sessions every now and then, I'm usually in charge of labels (a very important job - I like to think of it as product design), and Ali sets to work in the kitchen. I wanted to share some of our images with you! I am looking to set her up to sell online so any feedback would be greatly welcome.

Vital ingredients... Essential oils, all the scents you need to make the products smell great.
Product 1 - Body Scrub
 This was the first product I think she ever made, so has perfected it over time. It works great with a zesty flavour in there.

Adding some of that important Vitamin E Oil

Adding the Calendula Petals

Cute labels

Basket of goodies
Product 2 - Lip balm
This is my favourite at the moment, especially with the cold weather setting in! A variety of flavours although I love the Vanilla.

Mixing everything together.

Expert pouring!

Waiting for them to set.

The finished product.
We are going to be selling these along with a few others at a local craft stall in Wootton (near Abingdon). We would love any feedback that you are able to offer us as we are hoping to set up a website soon as well.
Thank you
Products made by Alison McNeil

October in Photographs...

October has been an interesting month, from pumpkins to mud runs and organising several photoshoots. I saw some great live music at Turl Street kitchen and ate some awesome waffles at G&D's! It's getting colder though so the warm fluffy coats are coming out. Let’s hope the snow stays away...