Happy Halloween

I choose treat...
Vogue editorial

ASOS Sweatshirt 'Booo!" print - Love thisss 

Dazed and Confused editorial 

Topshop Crosses Tiara £12.50 - perfect for that halloween outfit 

Art I have stumbled across this evening in my browsing...

I shit diamonds by Antony Micallef and Lazardies

Yellowman by warren Holder



Awesome vidio Rihanna, director did a good job.

Back to School

Just for a change of scene my sister invited me to a lecture by Professor Charles Nelson at Oxford University entitled, "The effects of early phsycosocial development on brain and behavioural development: The Bucharest Early Intervention Project" I love anything that challenges the way I think or pushes me to learn about something, It was very interesting indeed, eye opening and something that will stick with me for a while. 

Hello New Hair...

So I did my hair :) I love it, also went to the charity shop and picked me up some old shirts and jeans to customise and keep me busy...

Dip Dip Dyee...

OK the time is finally upon us for me to get my hair dip dyed, I have the bleach and the lovely friend of mine Zoe to give me a hand, fingers crossed my next post will be the evidence of my bleaching needs.

Quick I need to wear something for my date

Autumn Sunshine

This awesome image popped up on my facebook this morning from Dazed and Confused, the light is magical today, blue crystal sky and golden sunshine makes for a stunning morning. Hope the day continues to be so beautiful.