Ahhhh internet fail

Help my mac has no access to the Internet, a certain Internet provider is clearly failing at providing me Internet! when I get it back I have lots to update!

Spell Design Inspiration

I have recently come across this website! its amazing and their lookbooks are so inspirational I can't get enough! really really beautiful 


Work in Progress....

Things that I am still working on, but thought I would update you all, I'm not so sure about the one on the left, I think the wire is to thin. Knowing me I will pull it apart and start again. 

Lemon Meringue Cup Cakes!

Yes somewhere between a lemon meringue pie and a cake you will find these little bad boys! They are genius! They took a while only because I was determined to make it all from scratch including the lemon curd. You start with a lovely sponge base with some coconut for extra goodness and lemon zest too, bake them in the oven till golden brown. Take their little tops off (leaving you with a basket of delicious muffin tops to eat as you make the rest) and fill their centres with lemon curd (this takes longer that I thought to make, seriously after half an hour of stirring over the heat it still wasn't thick enough). To finish add yummy meringue mix to the top, use a piping bag to make them look pretty, I added some coconut to the meringue as well for added crunchyness. Pop them back into the oven for another 7 mins or so (until the meringue is golden on top) and hey presto the most amazing cakes I have made so far! Everyone will be impressed and they taste like heaven! being a sparkle lover I added some glitter (the kind you can eat) to the top for some extra magic).

DIY Cape

So, I have a cape that I love and I wear all the time, its very wintery colours though, it looks simple to make though so.... 

And ta daaaaa... the stitching probably isn't as neat as it could be but it feels nice to wear all floaty and chiffon. 

I found some cute little vintage buttons in my button tin to go with it too. 

Sienna Miller

I really love this shoot that Sienna did, its beautiful 

Creative Desk

Finally picked up a few bits and pieces from the shop today, wire, beads some new chain. Inspired to get cracking on the creative side also cleared my desk ready for work, even have the tea ready to go for an evening of fun. 

Birthday Prezzy

It was my sisters birthday the other day, it took me so long to decide what to get her, something special. Wanted to keep both for myself but I guess thats the good thing about having her as a sister I can borrow them when I want to.