Can't stop listening to this

Creative Days

I have been working on ideas for jewelary, simple natural stones wrapped in wire and made into pendants. I used to collect the stones when I was little lovveed going to museums and arty places with mt sister we would always nag mum to buy us something shiney, there is a huge collection back at my mum's house. That or the days we spent scouring beaches and other exciting places for treasures to take home. To be honest I used to bring home allsorts a peble that llooked like a heart, shells, driftwood the lot no wonder our house was always so full of random things.
But now I am doing something with them, first steps making the pendants now just to get myself some chain to create the necklaces <3

Sunny Sunny Happy Happy

What an amazing day, the sun always make me shine no matter what especially in London it makes everything prettyer brighter and just more lovely. Perfect day for the outing of my new lace maxi dress by Goldie London, I'm in love with it swishing along the streets in it makes me feel so summery.