a little bit of colour on it

Its for Goldie London, i'm still not really happy with it but it will do for now i guess I can always add a bit more another day x

adding to shopping list....

Topshop.com - grey and pink marbled leggings £20

kelly Smith - Birdy & Me

This girls work is truly amazing, I love her style so effortlessly elegant I cant keep away from her blog, you must check it out... http://kjsdesign.blogspot.com/

All image's are Kelly Smith's

Because I love my sis

It might sound lame but I really don't care me and my sis got matching love heart tattoo's a while back now, basically we went through a phase of drawing it on each other when we say each other, then when we got tattoos done it seemed like a great idea to get it there permanently, now every time I look at it I think of her, it always makes me smile even when i'm feeling really down.

Gareth Pugh

Oooo Gareth Pugh introduced a bright blue into his usually monotone collections! gorge colour. I will always be a fan of this designer, it's a tad gothick blacks and tight body's crosses pop up every now and then and maxi's that glide when the models walk. Triangular lines break up the fabrics a splash of gold too. I fancy making some gold jewellery, note no self get hold of some chain to start getting creative.

Roberto Cavalli

I am totally in love with this collection I think it may be one of my favourites of the season with its printed sheer maxi's and feather accessories, its so chic. I want every single piece. It has gorgeous rich colours with hints of velvet and leather. High waists and cropped jackets printed scarf's all things that will be entering my wardrobe.

Seventh Door

Hello amazing silver ring that I must purchase!! $58.00 of brilliance, I've been hunting for an amazing double ring for a while now.

Check out there website the jewellery section is my fav bit :)