Oxford Fashion Week - The Cosmopolitan Runway Show review

 This years Cosmopolitan Runway Show took place at the Randolph Hotel Ballroom, where you will find the glamorous chandeliers (replicas of the ones on the Titanic) centered down the room mirroring the runway below. The perfect setting for a glam, bright and 70's inspired show. 

I get a sneak peak behind the scenes arriving early with Gem Latimer (One of last years Creative Directors) coffee in hand to keep the Cosmopolitan Show (and PR Queen) Director Antonia Mackay going. Rehearsals are in full swing with the choreography being overseen by Oliver Callaghan and models practicing their poses on the runway. I can't help but smile as the music plays in the background (Hot Stuff) and we break out into a montage of dance moves! We collect ourselves and talk about Antonia's inspirations for the show. "this seasons cosmopolitan show was inspired by the SS catwalk from Burberry and Chanel where bold prints and seventies disco vibes reign! The show aimed to bring together independent and high street designers into one edgy, bright and vibrant collective", with a nod of agreement that the show sounds fabulous myself and Gem leave the busy backstage area and find ourselves a Cosmo over at the bar!

The atmosphere in the reception area is buzzing, a sold out show! All eager for the show to start we take our place with the Matthew Clulee hair team. The hair for this evening show is looking great, Kylie Davies and Amie Mechen senior stylists at Matthew Clulee created the look for tonight's show, a high knotted mohican similar to the one Rita Ora has been wearing on the Voice.

The lights come up and the music starts playing as the first look from Larissa Mode's collection came onto the runway. A collection bright and playful pieces, beautiful prints teamed with reds and greens. My favorite from her collection was a log red floaty dress with cut-work on the side and a splash of sparkle adding to that 70's glam vibe. De Mouilpied were next on the runway, a combination of bold prints and colour, edging towards a more streetwear look. I loved Be Unlimited's collection this year, their pieces styled perfectly. Silk scarfs draped around the neck and interchangeable pieces in poppy colours.
Beautifully but together LK Bennett represented the high street retailers, and they did it in style. The beautiful mid length dresses in yellows and blues, silk fabrics, floral prints all matched perfectly with shoes and a bag. It's sometimes hard to see the details in jewellery but Emma Gilligan's pieces stood out wonderfully against the simple black dresses, reds and blues and metallic, super fun pieces that would spice up any outfit. Another of my favorite pieces was designed by Georgina Dee, a perfectly cut jumpsuit, tailored to perfection it flattered the models figure and looked great on the catwalk. The dreamy colours and prints of Olivia may were followed by designer Bee Leach, a wonderful collection light tones, soft structuring and sumptuous fabrics made this my favorite collection of the night! 
Rhona Anne knows how to cut a leather skirt! Powerful pieces empowering the models as they walked down the runway. I met Karen Gold the evening before at the bloggers preview launch and it was great to see her work come down the runway. Khloe Nova finished of the evening with some sparkle for us all getting us in the party mood!

What a great show! 


The trees rush past through the window dancing across her vision before vanishing into the distance. Her eyes shut and she is taken back to her childhood, to the fields that ran down the back of the house stretching off I to the sunshine. It was simple back then, the only worries she had were solved easily and her days were spent daydreaming in the long grass. She slept for hours. 


As she blinked the room came back into focus, she was sat on the silk sheets staring at the dress she was supposed to be wearing this evening. Her mind still hazy she could hear someone’s voice in the distance, except it wasn’t the distance it was from the room, he was stood beside her. ‘Are you ok?’, ‘would you like a drink?’ she continued to stare and the black velvet fabric of the dress ‘I shall leave you to get dressed then, I’m going to the bar’. It’s not that she didn’t want to get into the beautiful dress and go to the perfect restaurant with her friends and yet there was something stopping her, like a mist across her mind preventing her. She stood up and walked to the window, the evening light fell across the perfectly manicured lawns sweeping over the hedges and glistening off the pond. If only she felt like the warm sunshine, she crept back over to the bed and got in, not tonight, she couldn’t face anyone tonight, maybe tomorrow.

Summer Bucket List...

My Summer Bucket List, I seem to have already ticked one off this weekend with a little trip to the beach!

Styling work: Athletic Trend - Elegant Magazine

Athletic Trend - Elegant Magazine

Pink, sporty, fun...
A recent shoot I styled published in Elegant Magazine

Rob Gardner Photography
Model: Sam GTM Models
MUA: Natasha French
Hair Stylist: Holly Faulder
Stylist: Katherine McNeil


March in Photographs

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Model practice for OFW


Designs by Fancsca Valorsa

Designs by Mel Austin

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Styling work: Fabrica Spring Issue

Fabrica Spring Issue

Updated about a month ago

Various collaborations with Rob Gardner (photographer) in this springs Fabrica 
Photography: Rob Gardner
MUA: Natasha French
Hair: Kate harrison
Model: Cara Kelly
Stylist: Katherine McNeil
 Headpieces: Clea Broad
Photography: Rob Gardner
MUA: Majenta
Hair: Matthew Clulee
Model: Tiffany Saunders
Stylist: Katherine McNeil

Photography: Rob Gardner
MUA: Natasha French
Hair: Kate harrison
Model: Ellie Knight
Stylist: Katherine McNeil
Headpieces: Clea Broad


Feb In Photographs


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Sitting on the Casting Pannel for Oxford Fashion Week!


Makeup & Hair Ideas for OFW Concept Show

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