As she blinked the room came back into focus, she was sat on the silk sheets staring at the dress she was supposed to be wearing this evening. Her mind still hazy she could hear someone’s voice in the distance, except it wasn’t the distance it was from the room, he was stood beside her. ‘Are you ok?’, ‘would you like a drink?’ she continued to stare and the black velvet fabric of the dress ‘I shall leave you to get dressed then, I’m going to the bar’. It’s not that she didn’t want to get into the beautiful dress and go to the perfect restaurant with her friends and yet there was something stopping her, like a mist across her mind preventing her. She stood up and walked to the window, the evening light fell across the perfectly manicured lawns sweeping over the hedges and glistening off the pond. If only she felt like the warm sunshine, she crept back over to the bed and got in, not tonight, she couldn’t face anyone tonight, maybe tomorrow.