Random Nails Again...

It's a bit hard to see in the photos but there is a petrol base, dark green triangles and a spot in the midle, not sure if I like them but I had some spare time while my cake (lemmon drizzle cake http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/5870/glutenfree-lemon-drizzle-cake which will hopefully be lovely) is cooking in the oven.

AW12 Colour & Texture

Mood for AW12


I want to ride my bicycle... PPQ AW12, how much do i wish my bike was a nice vintage one and not purple and hid in my friends shed somewhere in London. Anyway, great show, lots of black, white and grey which makes me happy as these are the staple diet of my wardrobe. Hair and make up is also looking very chic, gotta love the red lippy.

Great tights on the green outfit, jewled like an emerald.

Saturday Streaming

If I can't be there then
I will sit with my tea,
my notepad
and watch the shows on my laptop, t
hank goodness for LFWTV live stream
<3 <3

Good Morning Nick Knight

A little vidio I stumbled accross in my breakfast browsing

Cushion Moment

So... While i'm off sick I got a tad creative with some fabric I found in the milions I seem to have collected. Hand sewn flowers on a nice big pillow, the colour is a bit funny in the photo but its a dark teal colour. I love making things out of nothing.

pink goth


I recently have gone back to the lovely Paris, as a christmas present to my boyfirend I booked a weekend for the two of us this Feb. It was magical, although I was slightly ill, we had a great time together, lots of coffee and romantic moments, perfect weekend. Here are a few snaps from my phone.

Fashion weeks are soon ahh.. excitement