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Reading through this months Harper's Bazaar I came access this little story about the age of Instagram, worth a read indeed... 'nothing happens when you sit at home' Elliot Erwitt.

Boston Trip

Boston is beautiful in the fall, sitting on the roof terrace doing work might be freezing but the view is amazing. Spent my afternoon today wandering through the leafy parks down to the harbour. Tomorrow is a new adventure...

Mention on Thanks I Made It blog

Mentioned on a fave blog of mine make me pretty happy!!!

Erin who writes the great blog Thanks I Made It, great big thank you!

Home Inspiration

My cute new little place followed but some inspiration on how to make it feel like home.

Photographs from a few of my all time fave blogs ELLESAPPELLE and .absorbing moments. 

Mara Hoffman

REally cool top by Mara Hoffman
Metal Triangle's Cut Out of the Back of the cute little Blouse
Image from Spanish Moss

Raspberry and Cream Cupcakes

Officially moved into my new flat now my first batch of cupcakes made here. 

Take at Least ONE....

Popped up in my news feed today, thought it was truly fitting for life