Feel good moments

Painting again this week made me think of all the things that make me happy, or the things I do when I am feeling a bit rubbish or down. When I feel a bit lots or lonely or just like the world is against me. It's nice to share and perhaps if anyone else ever needs to chill or escape or feel better then here is a list of my favourites..

1. Buy/pick (from your own garden) some lovely flowers for hour room/house/flat, they brighten up any day, daffodils are great and tulips for colour.

2. Put your music on really I MEAN REALLY LOUD and sing and dance like a completely crazy person, jumping around kind of dancing, throw your arms about, get shakey! just make sure no one is watching first, always embarrassing when your mid air guitar and someone walks in. 

3. Escape to a place that brings back a great memory or time in your life, it could be anywhere. I like to escape to somewhere quiet in the countryside, in particular the fields I used to play in as a kid. 

4. Paint your nails, it makes you hold your hands differently and feel important in life. 

5. Wear odd socks, a personal favourite. In fact I do it most days, not because i'm lazy but because I can't help but smile when I look at my feet. It looks silly and it's great, the odder the socks the bigger the smile.

6. Call my sister, or a friend, talk about everything, and then talk about it again. 

7. On a evening after a stressful day light some aromatherapy candles, even if your not doing anything particular. Have them burning in the background, the scent will fill the room and the soft light they let off creates lovely warm colours. 

8. This might not be the same for everyone, but I love to colour code things (I will do a blog on it soon) my wardrobe, DVD's, nail varnish, books, pens, pencils, shoes, accessories, literally anything. It brings order into my life. I sometimes even find myself feeling better after a good sort out of my room or paperwork.

9. Update my 2012 goals list, yes I have a list, I find it helpful. I don't do new years resolutions as such I just keep a goals list, it can be anything from 'move house' to 'find a new perfume' in fact its better to have a range of goals that are big milestones to work towards perhaps career wise, and those smaller things that you can achieve easier. There is nothing like ticking something of your goals list, and leave it there, ticked, so you can look back and see what you have achieved. 

10. DIY and creativity, make something, anything. From a nice meal to a sketch, fix a hem, a necklace, your next friends birthday card, or cakes (cakes are always a winner as you then have to eat them) It doesn't have to be complicated sometimes simplicity works. 

There are many many more