While we were in London the other day we also visited the Rankin Live exhibition at the

Old Trueman Brewery on Brick Lane. Oh he is a genius! he really is! the exhibition itself was much bigger than i expected although to be honest I'm not really to sure what i did expect. The work started with self portraits and some of his earl yer documentary photography and then spanned out to cover fashion, beauty and portraits of which many i recognised. his work is inspiring, shocking and just truly awesome. there were a few photographs that were clever if not a little odd but then that's how the creative mind seems to work (speaking for myself anyway) the one of him kissing himself and where he depicts the child version of himself hugging an older version of himself.

Oh god they also had one of those amazing photo booth machines the black and white ones.

and the result would be....

Such beautiful ladies indeed!

When i look at the photographs of myself and then of the glamorous an oh so so stylish people on the walls of Rankin's exhibition i cant help but feel a little jealous of their stunning photographs! there are some absolutely stunning people. as expected there were a few sections dedicated to certain people. I wonder if some of them always look like this?
Do they just wake up in the morning and already look flawless?
gosh i know i have to spend about an hour getting my face and hair right. but oh well i love who i am really any my lovely boyfriend does too. aww and our photo both pictures make me smile every time i look at them.

Thinking that i also need to get my camera out a bit more!
Really Katie what is the point in owning such a beautiful camera if I'm not going to make the most of it and capture all those moments of my life i wish i had.

Note to self: Photograph everything..