For ali

I keep promising to make my sister something, so I am making her a mini collection. I love her a lot, she is pretty important in my life, in fact I couldn't really imagine life without her. The designs follow on from my last collection, some of the designs are similar of things that I decided against making but would still like to make now. The  fabrics are mainly stretch and I haven't completely decided on colour ways yet but I intend to use up some of the fabric that I seem to have collected under my bed. I am a Major hoarder of all things. I have started with the dress in the middle it is currently pinned to my mannequin looking a bi sorry for itself though as my over locker has broken and been taken to the lovely people that I STILL haven't heard back form to get fixed. 
I will keep you updated on my progress and uploads some piccys as i make them. I am quite excited.