Who am I?

When a tutorial goes really bad the first few days I am distraught. I finish with my boyfriend. I cry a lot. I question everything. And then slowly I think wait a minute my tutors are doing this to make me stronger, they are not just 'being mean'. I come round to the idea that perhaps I could actually learn from this. Perhaps I need to re-asses what I'm doing and focus. 
This year is already going so quickly, and I feel so lost and left behind after being out of it for some time. But I am not going to let it hold me back. It seems my 'not so good' tutorial is probably having the effect they wanted. I have decided not to hold back this year, to take a risk. My best work is always when I push myself to do creative new ideas. Fashion is defiantly what I want to do, I have no doubt in my mind. It effects my emotions on a day-to-day basis from those amazing moments where I am struck for words with excitement for the future, to those days where i question myself. But these times can only make me a stronger person. 
Prove them wrong, I am who I am.